Welcome to the Provencher Biz

Across the Provencher Bridge from The Forks and downtown is Saint-Boniface, home to a large population of the Franco-Manitoban community. Saint-Boniface was founded in 1818 by Bishop Provencher, who established the first Roman Catholic mission in the west. Within the Franco-Manitoban community, the Provencher Boulevard has always played a pivotal role as a meeting place for countless cultural and commercial activities. It was, and still is, the only classically conceived grand boulevard in the area.

Today, Provencher Boulevard and the surrounding area provides a wide variety of activities, shops and over a dozen restaurants that are guaranteed to satisfy your palate. Visit exhibitions, take part in horse-drawn or walking guided tours and view over 35 designated historical sites!

For more information on walking, horse-drawn or bus tours, please contact the Riel Tourism Bureau at (204) 233-8343 or toll-free 1-866-808-8338.  www.tourismeriel.com